How to make an app idea which is unique and can be successful ?

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Everybody loves to make a unique app which is completely not available in store yet. But is it feasible ? The Simple answer is Yes . But it is not as easy as you believe. Nowadays finding a 100% new idea for an app is almost impossible . The best thing we can do is ‘create an app which is available already, but with much better features’ or ‘create an app which is unique , but somewhat similar to an existing app’. I am not discouraging you . But it is a fact that almost all good app ideas are already created by other developers . So we have no space for new apps ? Definitely we have .

Let me explain how .

Create an app idea

Here are some steps to ‘create’ an idea which is used by many developers including me.

  1. Think about an idea you love the most . Means you are very much interested in creating such an app.
  2. Search in store for apps with similar features using matching keywords. You will get surprised to see many similar apps in store (probably in 90% of cases )
  3. Download and experience the apps you found , which are already in store.
  4. Try to find the drawbacks of these apps / note down the features which will improve the usability of the app . If you cannot find such a feature , go to next point .
  5. Think about slightly different app ideas . For example , if your first app idea was an image quiz application based on cars , You may narrow down the idea to vintage cars / change the idea to motor bikes instead of cars.
  6. Again look for similar apps and analyze the apps for their drawbacks .
  7. Repeat 4, 5,6 until you get a solid idea to start with.

Validate your idea

You have got an idea in the previous step. That doesn’t mean you will get millions of downloads when you create the app ! We need to validate the idea to see if there is a market (need) for such an app. There are various methods to validate an app idea.

Games and apps are validated using different methods .

Game Apps can be validated mainly using the top charts of app store and play store . To validate your market for your game, in addition to looking at the Play Store and App Store , you should check for whether those types of games are popular on online websites like, toucharcade, etc . You’ll be able to see the number of plays on each game, downloads etc . You should analyze android games , iOS Games , Desktop Games & Web Based games even though we are targeting only one platform.

If you see a lot of fans for the type of games you are planning, you can proceed with the idea. In fact, Game apps cannot be completely unique , but can be a better variant of the existing games in most of the cases .

Non Games (Applications) can be validated outside of app stores too . Here also , the top charts is a good sign . Still you may not be able to find all types of successful apps in top charts . Your best bet for non-games involves validating your market by looking at what your target user already likes or discussing in public. The trends can be find in , ,, , , etc.

In all these platforms, you can search for relevant keywords and find out how active is such topics and how many people interact with it . Using these analysis, you can decide whether to proceed with the idea or move to another idea .
Anyhow, success in app stores not only depends upon the app features and quality , but also depends upon some luck ! Be Lucky 🙂

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