Change in character limit of Title in Play Store and App Store — Huge Impact on ASO

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A big change in Play Store and App store which may lead to huge changes in keyword ranking of the apps.

Play Store increased the character limit and App Store decreased it !

Play store change : From 30 to 50

App Store change : From 50 to 30 ( But there is an additional field ‘Subtitle’ with 30 characters)

Here is the apple announcement

Play store changes are live now. But App store still showing 50 as limit ( Title 50 + Subtitle 30) . May be the update is pending.

What does it mean ?

More character limit means more keywords.

More keywords means more visibility in store.

More visibility means more downloads.

More downloads means more money 🙂

Even though character limit in iOS is reduced, the subtitle field is expected to be indexed for keywords. So it should compensate the reduced number of characters in Title, I believe.

So, in fact both Play Store and App Store increased the limit ,even though we are not sure about the exact weight of subtitle field compared to Title (App Name) field.

So what should we do now ?

Simple . Start stuffing your keywords to title and subtitle fields ! You may get big advantages if you do this before other developers implement the changes.

20 characters extra in Play Store is huge, indeed. Utilize it now to get your app ranked for more keywords quickly.

Regarding App store, if you are currently using the whole 50 characters, You may have to limit the Title to 30 and subtitle to 30 on next update, which is not a big change. (Only an increase of 10 characters)

So the major opportunity is for Android developers . Get ready App Store Optimization experts to leverage this opportunity. I think, we can see some really meaningless spam titles in Play Store soon !(Similar to the old App Store when limit was 255 characters)

Please let me know your thoughts in comments.

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